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Around 8 o’clock I woke up as if I have had a deep princess sleep and then was kissed by royal food. I could barely fall asleep yesterday when I realised that I have to make something Finnish for our Easter lunch. I found that I have some ingredients that could have made my all time favourite dish. I know, I don’t think anyone thinks of Finnish cuisine as something mind blowing, but seriously, no one should miss out on trying homemade Karjalanpiirakoita (Karelian pasties). However, I had never made them myself before. To be honest, they were only okay. I did it on the wrong flour and I only had risotto rice. I’m going to practice, especially now when a dear friend promises to visit if I make them well.

I should have kicked out the prinskorvar and meatballs (saving meatballs for mashed potatoes) and made lamb with my nans mint sauce instead. I even have mint in one of my pots. Yes, I swore about it, nevermind. Traditions are important to me. But I always feel free to alter them and make them our own. So this will be this time and next year I’m going to plan until my planning apps on the phone drop.

This morning I sneaked up before everyone else to enjoy a 45 minute stretch on the balcony. Watching the sun slowly spread it’s light over the roof tops and sides of the buildings. It was lovely to breathe in the morning with (no Disney!) music, alone. But when I was done I just wanted everyone to wake up. Well, as a good mother I nicely waited.

When I took a quick walk to the mini market (gotta support it!) for more potatoes I could not help myself from picking a few wild flowers for our table. I said yesterday I would have wanted yellow roses, but I prefer these. The green ones (don’t know their name, but see picture below and let me know) are from my bouquet of roses I received for my birtday, 20th December last year. The view make me so, so happy.

Asked “permission” on Instagram first…

Then the Easter bunny came to visit.

I prepared the lunch/dinner early to not stress it. After all, I love to cook and the music made me dance and today not caring if our neighbour in the opposite window would see me. A womans gotta dance!

They were okay, but far from perfect. I had the wrong flour and I made it out of risotto rice. Next time I’m going to so it completely right. Also, I didn’t have a rollin pin and first afterwards I got the advice from a wise friend that I should have used a wine bottle!!
But I’d say this was all we needed!
Marie and Stefan called in for a “lunch online”. It was so strange yet so wonderful to just see and hear them. We should have been there today. And somehow, it didn’t matter where we were, always close. Always, always right there no matter the distance.
Super Mario doing what she does.
This is apparently what an online table setting looks like.

Now the evening sun is reaching the table outside. Appeantly it’s time for music and listen to music.

Take care of each other, adios!

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