We’ve got a glue gun and we’re not afraid to use it


We woke up to a blue sky and sunshine today. In March it rained three times more than usual. What about where you live? We’re not missing out on great weather during these weeks and we all actually think it’s cosy to listen to the rain. But sunshine brings light to my mind. 

Well, Good Friday and I had decided to make it fun. We opened the art and crafts factory for the day, while Filip was working. The kids and I brought out all that we had to the balcony table, listened to music and allowed us to just play around with colours, scissors and play dough that I made. We did little bunnies and chickens. They’ve been baked in the oven and tomorrow we will go nuts with the glue gun and the little colours we have left.

Salt, flour and olive oil. Better than all the play dough we ever bought.
It took many washes of the hands before we got it all of, haha.
Yes, it’s a little unclear what these will look like tomorrow. It’s for our Easter decoration. If you don’t have any, you make your own!
So much love for this handsome boy that pushes all of my buttons every minute of the hour. Don’t be fooled, he’s smart. It’s seriously tough to have
mini people watching your every move before going to attack. They know exactly what they’re doing.
We made “bunny masks”, the kids were not over the moon happy. Because appeantly you can’t pretend you’re being chased by a fox if you have to hold the mask. Of course, I should have thought about that. But they were okay fun to make.
We colored Easter paintings.
And put them on the balcony window so we can see them tomorrow during our Easter lunch. I can’t wait! It’s going to be wonderful to celebrate it here, together. Our first Easter in Spain!
Then I did my workout in the evening sun. It’s either completely quiet around the block, or you can hear a little music from a few flats. That’s nice.

Today’s thoughts:

– I’m stressed about the school situation for the kids. They’ve been doing so well. I can see them as sponges picking things up in, (for someone like me) ultra speed. They learn from us, school, tv and friends. We always have to remember that little pitchers have big ears, nowadays even in English. We can’t get away with anything. Their sense of humor picks up irony and every little attempt of cryptic speaking. In vain I’ve been trying to teach Filip a few useful things in Finnish. 

     – Also worried about my work situation. I hadn’t gotten my business started, I was slowly beggining to. Now I’m convinced no one will book photo shoots when lockdown is over. It breaks my heart. I can barely think about. I will not be able to do what I’m supposed to be doing, maybe for a long time. I’ve got a few projects to try in the mean time. However, suddenly I’m afraid I can’t learn new things. Before I was super sure that if I wanted to learn, I would. I feel like I’m stuck with completely useless skills. What a waste of time learning them. 

Today’s Wille:

– Conversation with Wille (who now prefers to be called Wilhelm). 

Wille: What’s for lunch? 

Me:… We’re eating dinner now. 

Wille: Oh, what was for breakfast? 

Me: You slept till noon, you got lunch for breakfast. 

Wille: Oh, wow, I really hate waking up too early. 

Me: Okay, teenager. 

– He was going to spell out dog, he went “g o d… No no, not god, dog! D o g!” I was impressed. 

– His most used phrase “Är det korrekt?” Which means, “is this correct”. I think that comes from school.

Today’s Alba:

– Began the morning with maths, her favorite subject.

– If any of us smile our laugh she says, “funny, right?”.

– Miss Fair Police, everything has to be completely fair. Everyone has to do what they say that they were going to do. If plans changes she wants to be informed. Preferably also accept or deny them. If you promise something and back out, you’re a liar, which in her world seems to be the most horrible kind of person.

– She still comes in every night and says, “Mamma I want to be with you“. She snuggles in and puts her ice cold feet between my tighs. Her words makes me feel like the luckiest mum in the world.

Evening snack in the sun. What a great evening.

Now it’s time to continue watching the new Sune movie. We all think Håkan is a very funny character.

Happy Easter everyone, take care of each other, be kind and eat good food, and then eat a little more.

Adios, for now.

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