I unfriended the bird


Yesterday we celebrated our wedding anniversary. I had wished for us to have been able to plan something outside of our apartment walls. But never mind, we cooked a lovely dinner, cheered with Cava and listened to music on the balcony. It was more than enough and I got to spend it together with my squad.

It’s a little funny, when the kids were too young to sit and chat at the table, we wanted them to just watch a movie so we could eat a whole meal without running around. Oh, how we sometimes tried to make them sit in front of a screen for at least 10 minutes. Now they are big enough to have joyful conversations with and they rather watch movies (!)

Filip is really good at frying meat to perfection.
Celebration drink for the kids.
I basically live on the balcony. I love it. If I could make it a little bigger I’d want a grill and a hammock.
I made an effort with ny make up. I didn’t want my husband to look at me and wonder what happened. He chose a wife seven years younger and I look too much older.
Haters gonna say it’s fake, haha. It is, we don’t really have a photo frames. I’m actual holding another frame to where I placed one of our wedding photos in. It’s a little funny, I’m very happy with all our
photos and our photographer. But now as I’m one myself and can actually see a few mistakes that actually should have been avoided. No matter ones personal signature. But that’s totally fine. I wouldn’t in a million years touch them to crop or edit. It’s a holy photography rule that everyone should follow. It sould even be a law.

This morning I had some sad brown bananas. So I decided to make Albas favorite breakfast. The Spanish strawberries were very sweet.

Today’s plan is unclear. I hope to write a little. Filip is working and the kids are trying to learn to read. I decided to go to the store closest to us to pick up dill (eneldo in Spanish) and shrimps to make Skagenröra for our Easter celebration. I shouldn’t have gone, we are only allowed to buy necessary things. But we’ve been so good with big shoppings to avoid going too often. I searched the whole store. Eventually a worker there looked at me so I’d thought I’d ask. To my surprise he also searched everywhere, even in their storage. We didn’t find it but I was over the moon to find salmon. We also have Abbas sill (pickled herring), prinskorvar from the Scandinavian store, “Prinskorv, which directly translates to “prince sausage”, is a small Swedish sausage which is often sold in links. Created in 1805 by Viennese butcher Georg Lahner, this dish is usually fried in a frying pan and served with a generous helping of mustard.” And snaps. (And eggs) I’m making homemade meatballs. So we are covered I’d say! I’m mucho excited.

By the way, since we moved here I’m always on the balcony. Yes, I have stop saying it. But I made a bird friend, it could sit on the glass fence and hold me company. I’ve never purposely fed it, but obviously there are crumbs from kids eating. Now I’ve unfriended him, he was rude enough to fly into our living room and kitchen TWICE, one of the times he sat down one our washed frying pan. That’s just a limit I have, I was terrified of it, I screamed like a crazy person. Normally I don’t even like birds. He was an exception.

Look at him staring at me now. I think he declared war.

This is how they are watching Garfield right now…

Oh, well too long post once again.

Adios, for now.

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From Sweden - Malta - Sweden - Spain. Final destination for a long time is hopefully Spain. Följ vårt äventyr med flytt och vardagsliv i Marbella, Spanien.

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