They should leave the money in the bank every time

As I’m writing this I’ve been sitting on the balcony. I have to tell you one thing going on in Spain, at 20.00 everyone goes out on their balcony to clap their hands for the health care, police and all the other heroes. At 21 they thank everyone back by driving by with the sirens on to thank everyone for staying inside. To me it doesn’t sound as amazing as the feeling actually is. It truly touches me and warms my heart. It’s absolutely beautiful. But, just as a heads up, this post might be posted hours after because awesome humans are interrupting me in between. But don’t hold your breath, it’s all coming here below. 

Today was an all in cleaning day, I took almost all rooms and the balcony. I even washed windows, as a short person I just wish there was some kind of universal free pass. In the meantime the kids were learning to read through an app and they did a little maths too. We decided to have a little “school” during the Easter break. Don’t feel too sorry for them. We began the morning with playing fortnite in bed. We are about to do so an hour tonight too. It’s so much fun and a little crazy, we’re in one team all four of us and we scream at each other as if our lives depended on it.

In the afternoon we opened the “weekly shop”, which contains different things, every time. It can be candy, juice, ice cream, crisps, a small toy and fruit. They get 10 pretend money a day, and a little extra when they help around the house. They need to count themselves, plan for the whole day (and the coming days). If they leave some money in the “bank” for next time, they get 10 extra. They love it! Today Alba spent almost all hers to buy for Wilhelm too so they would have equal amount of goodies. 

They are too sweet together sometimes. When they played games Wille screamed once “don’t you take my sister, arrgh” and another time “she’s the best girl in the universe!”. They do fight more than usual too. But with all the cuteness it’s easily forgotten. 

Update about the kids: (I think this is difficult to come up with what to report, while we are in it. Ask questions and I’ll answer.)


 Best friend: John from Germany. They call each other sometimes during these day’s and last time they said they missed each other. I’m hoping it’s a lifetime friendship. John and his brothers are wonderful kids. 

English: He speaks well and understands even more. It’s hilarious to hear his little phrases even when he is saying stuff like “I don’t care!”. It drives me mad but I can’t help myself from smiling. 

Swedish: He is using “bigger” words, without knowing exactly how to use them correctly. But he’s getting there. And he can say “Det är inte en spännande story” when he doesn’t want to tell. It means “it’s not an exciting story”. Cheeky, I know.

Activity: He still plays padel and enjoys it. I usually take him on Mondays. We take the bikes by the beach. I love that little time I get with my big boy. And during that time it’s Filips and Albas turn to cook dinner and they often choose a theme and it’s agreat surprise to look forward to while sporting.

Dream job: To build tv-games like fortnite to make a lot of money to make even more games. 

Wants most in the world right now (06.04.2020 time: 21.48) :
Play fortnite with John. 

Favourite School topic: English, Reading.

– ALBA – 

Best friend: Ellie (from kindergarten in Sweden) and Danish Victoria in school. 

English: From refusing to speak in front of anyone else but Wille to being angry in English. It’s adorable! Suddenly both kids change their language to English when they play or watch tv. Her vocabulary is surprisingly big coming from not knowing exactly if she learns so much without speaking at all. A greater surprise is that she says she has so many friends without speaking a word at school. She also manages to change things for her snack box. Like berries for cookies (cookies are not even allowed, good silent negotiator). 

Activity: Alba has been asking and wanted so badly to start gymnastics. She loves the idea but was frustrated with the classes because she wasn’t learning anything new. She also enjoys padel and will maybe join us Mondays. 

Dream job: Prison guard

Wants most in the world right now (06.04.2020 time: 21.50: Play fortnite with the family forever. 

School: Maths

So, please ask questions, they would even love to share!

Even though I’m not happy about being in quarantine, I’d do it all over again and again. It has been so incredibly upsetting to hear anyone going against it, by the law or as a recommendation. It’s the most stupid and selfish act I’ve been in contact with. All the nutcases stocking up on everything leaving others in need without is a tiny matter in comparison. I could not care less about arguments like “we are young”, “symptom free” or what ever ridiculous excuse. If a country has decided this – just stay the fuck in. Excuse my French, as I said I don’t speak much Spanish yet.

I’m not so worried about the four of us in this household. (Except for the fact that I don’t want my three people to be ill by anything.) But we decided to act as if we were carrying Corona. The very thought of being the one putting someone at risk and god forbid, someone died. Because of me, I’d crumble from the inside.

However, with that said. I’m not entirely sure quarantine was the right way to go. Or if Sweden has a winning strategy. I see the issues, I can imagine many different ways it can be really horrible, both of them. This is for sure, as all know, changing everything. I just think a little common sense can’t be to much to ask, right? Treat your fellow people as if they were your family members. As if they were your grandparents, siblings and children.

Wow, half past one at night. Oh, well, we won and lost in fortnite if anyone was wondering?

Take care, stay healthy and don’t be stupid.

Adios, for now.

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