Hundred-foot journey


Instead of starting every post, for whoever finds it, with how I really hope you and your family are well. I’ll say, I hope so for everyone, just as I’m sure we all do. Let’s agree on that we are wishing good health and love for everyone. Si? Gracias.

So, to less important stuff a drumroll, please * Hooray, we managed to order takeaway food for delivery from the Indian restaurant Masala.

It was with uncertainty that we selected dishes from the online menu. I was expecting it not to work, that’s how much I really wanted to just dig into beutiful food that would be delivered to our door. I had to lower my hopes, it was an act of survival. But to my joy it rang on our door bell just as I was going to pop around the pharmacy. I had a nice short walk, felt like a criminal creeping through a ghost town, picked up what I needed and as I was ready to eat when the news reached me.

The quarantine in Spain is extended to the 25th of April. Everyone just sit and calm down, for crying out loud! Oh… that’s only myself I’m telepathically screaming at.

Well, let’s say this much. The decision was something I had been expecting, yet it felt unbelievable. But maybe the combination of a walk, gorgeous food and a phone call from my very dear friend, kept me from bursting out in tears.

Maybe, just maybe I’m being ridiculous here for lowering my expectations or setting them high when it’s regarding things completely out of my control. Let’s say I could maybe have learnt something about this. Maybe.

But with certainty I know, that my family and I are, in a way, on a journey, life is happening. But we are somehow having the time of our lives. Because we’re in it together. I’ll regret writing this, for sure, but just the fact that I swear like a drunken pirate when one of the people I love the most kicks me out of bed, is love to my very core. It means I have them right here. Close to me. The oceans and sands, long walks, sunsets and mountains will wait for me. But I wouldn’t want to miss a second right here.

What about the title of the post? It’s the name of our Friday movie last night. It was a little disappointing but still a cosy and romantic story. They had us interested with a family moving from India to open a restaurant in France right in front of a one star Michelin restaurant. So, therefore the choice of dinner. The movie that made us 20/21 days in through the quarantine to seek for food delivery. Because Indian food is lovely, and sadly I really don’t know how to cook it myself.

Check out this next photo. I hate that I found these…

They are amazing! And I’m not a snack person. I actually don’t like sweet stuff. I want them salty, sour or bitter. This will never end well..

Tomorrow I’m posting a little “what’s up with the kids” so that family, god-family (don’t want to leave the godfather hanging too long..) and friends can keep up with the Rogers kids.

Stay safe, above all be kind. Don’t be stupid, be careful.

Adios, for now

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From Sweden - Malta - Sweden - Spain. Final destination for a long time is hopefully Spain. Följ vårt äventyr med flytt och vardagsliv i Marbella, Spanien.

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