Day 21


Long time no see! I don’t really have anything mind blowing to share. Or anything new or fun for that matter. Not a lot happens after 21 days in quarantine. However, since I stopped doing our “quarantine videos” (I lost all creativity after just a few days). But I’m still the documenting type. So, I’m just posting this random post because I just have to begin somewhere, right? When I look back and read this in a few years I’m going to laugh at my stupidity. I might laugh so bad I fall out of chair saying “I don’t recall losing my mind that much, ho ho, ha ha, he he”.

Well, at least I might give my future self a laugh.

Today we are going to try and order delivery from one of the few restaurants that still get to offer it. During these 21 days I’ve cooked all days and almost all meals. I mean I’m proud of my.. Let’s just call it – bullet proof food menu. But oh my, I’m so TIRED of my own cooking. And if we do manage to order. I hope we order enough so we can eat it for todays.

Saturday, or.. Well.. Any day, I guess. But that means no home schooling for the kids and they want to spend the day playing TV-games. I’m all in, food in sofa, games, movies and maybe a little writing.

I guess it isn’t too bad to stay in, today.

Take care who ever ends up reading thia nonsense.

I just have share Albas “dog house” where humans can’t get in. Humans can turn into dogs though.
We’ve been eating a lot tasty fruits and berries.

Well, Adios for now.

Ps. Also for those wondering after we’ve lived here 7-8 months. I do not know more Spanish than before. At all.

Published by sandramro

From Sweden - Malta - Sweden - Spain. Final destination for a long time is hopefully Spain. Följ vårt äventyr med flytt och vardagsliv i Marbella, Spanien.

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