In Sweden we dance around a flower.. Pole? on midsummer.

Hola, It’s been a while and here’s a little update about the kids. Time passes by so fast! Tomorrow it’s their last day of their very first term at Laude. I don’t think any of us have understood this year has already come to it’s end. It still feels a little strange feeling that our children now go to school. What happened to our babies? And it was in May/June we decided to move to Spain, how can it already be December?

One big change in Wilhlem and Alba is that now they’ve started to find their own identities without each other. Their little personality are flourishing and it’s amazing to see them create new friendships. I consider us to be lucky for not having to struggle with sibling fights or rivalry. I mean of course they have disagreed, but still , above all they’re best friends. Most of all they have each others backs as if they’ve been in combat together in a previous life. A part of me thinks that if (god forbid) I’d get a phone call that one of my children have commit a crime or somehow got themselves into trouble, I’m pretty sure the other one will be sitting on the same chair, just as guilty. Completely ready to bring the world down just to defend the other. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way, let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that their loyalty only will be needed for good deeds.

Anyway, now they do fight a little more and don’t give in to each other as easily. Opinions are stronger and they are ready to stand their ground. Usually one ends up winning, because at the end of the day they still want to play and do everything together. There are days when I hear them trying to compromise, they’re getting there. We will be receiving the kids school report from this term tomorrow. So I’ll know more then about how things are going. But I’d like to mention that Willes teacher has said that he is doing very well in maths – which he also thinks is fun. I just love that. Especially at thins age, this is a level I understand..

Yesterday was a “big” day for both kids. Alba had a show and Wilhelm was going to present his country in front of the class, in front of children and their parents. Both at 14.30, so picture me running between two different class rooms every five minutes. Alba had a little dance, we made a Christmas cracker and then I went to Wille.

Look, this was a homework, which I had NOT received information about, until the day before. I said, well, we have not prepared for that. A teacher said, that’s okay, there are a few children who will not be doing it. So I thought, okay. (Sometimes we get a list of homework to choose from, so I also thought some kids chose this.) Before continuing I want to explain that the parents who did get the information said it wasn’t good enough, they didn’t know if a few questions just should be answered or make it bigger. Some families had done amazing presentations with printed photos, they brought foods and treats typical from their home country and, well, it was nice. I would have preferred to know so all children could make the same kind of effort.

Anyway, as it’s all about to end, about 15.40 Wille asks when it’s his turn. I said, he’s not on the list. He says he wants to – well first of all, I’m that lousy mother who didn’t make a frikkin’ power point OR make Swedish meatballs. So I knew, I need to fix this somehow. Can you imagine? Was my son disappointed? Was he sad at me for not standing there with an apron serving homemade gingerbread cookies? I looked around at all tired children and parents, knowing we might also only have their attention for about 20 seconds. Well, I asked Willes adorable teacher if Wille could do it too. She smiled and said she would be very pleased if he did! So, we were up next and the last ones. I couldn’t whisper too much to Wille, because a child was speaking. So I just told him that Stockholm is Swedens capital, that we will do our own thing and I will instead interview him, just follow my lead – oh, and we are going to dance and sing “små grodorna”. Willes teacher says it’s Wilhelms turn, that he is new in school and is still learning English.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, coolest boy in the world goes to sit down in front of everyone. I was terrified:

Me: Hello, what’s your name?
Wille: Wilhelm.

Me: Where are you from?
Wille: Sweden.

Me: Where were you born?
Wille: MALTA!

Me: Whaaaaaat? That’s not Sweden!
Wille: Haha, no!

Me: Okay, but you lived in Sweden, what’s the capital?
Wille: umm hmm. sssss…. STOCKHOLM!

Me: Okay, and what do we eat in Sweden with Lingon berries?
Wille: Hmm… mm, potatoes..?

Me: And…..?

Me: What do we look forward to in summer?
Wille: PIZZA!!!!! ** everyone laughs.

Me: Yes, pizza, but midsummer too! Should show how we dance and sing?
Me* I shortly explain that children and adults dance around singing about frogs with no eas or tails… we danced for about 5 seconds, but still.

Me: I have one last question, who do you love more your mum or dad?
Everyone including Wille laughs.
Wille: I can not answer anything. (Yes, he said those words, creating a whole sentence in English!!!)

Phu! We all left the class room and Wilhelm and I high fived, jumped up and down and he was super happy. And me? Well, I could have done all of those lovely things that the other parents did. But, hey, I made sure my boy did it, by “it” I mean to speak in front of people, to use a new language, just like that. He enjoyed it, he was not frightened. We had fun and he loved that he made people laugh. The most important to me is to know he will want to do it again. And I saw him grow a couple of inches. I will not win mum of the year, but wow, I get to be HIS mother year after year.

(When I left the kids to school his morning a mum told me they really liked our presentation. Ha! I did a mental high five and wanted to run in to Wille and tell him!)

When we came back in to Alba she completely broke down, I had missed a song. Her teacher said all was fine until she saw me. I explained that at that very moment I needed to be there for Wilhelm. That they both need to know that I was there, I was happy to be there, but I can’t be at two places at once. Albas teacher is so sweet and soon our little browned eyed girl smiled again.

Overall good, I’m exhausted. Everyone who knows me,

a lot of people – anxiety,

a loud sound level -anxiety

Other parents, what if I’m judged? – anxiety

Speaking in front of a large group, unprepared – anxiety deluxe.

My two kids happy – I’d carry the anxiety of the whole world to make them smile.

Adios, for now.

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