“A black belt is a white belt that never quit”

So Monday has come to it’s end and (read my question as Chandler from Friends would say it, the ones who know will know) could I be a worse mother?

Wille was feeling better, he said so himself and he was teasing his sister like any other day. I asked him several times if he was up for lunch out and a little walk to the shop. I wanted first of all to get both of yesterdays dinner wishes met. It also seemed so easy with sushi for a quick lunch and for us all to get some fresh air. The plan was to shop so I could make homemade burgers. At first we had a lovely time taking turns on answering questions “always or never”. But slowly I saw Wille loosing energy. We tried eating fast and then went back home. He walked straight into our bedroom and before I knew it he was fast a sleep. I should have known.

We’ve had a nice and calm afternoon. Alba has now started complaining but I’m not sure if it’s just so that I’ll let her stay home tomorrow too. We’ll see. At the moment she is practicing karate and bouncing from the sofa screaming “hayaaaaaa”.

Tonights dinner:

The kids have asked me several times if we “please, please, please could watch a Christmas movie today?”. Should we start placing bets on whether we can make it another two weeks without starting it all too early. It’s even harder now that our matching Christmas pj’s came today. (Yeah, I’m torturing my family.)

What happened? When did the baby get so big?

We just finished watching “karate kid”. They loved it and I enjoyed watching something else but pokemon.

Time to get ready for bed.

Adios, for now.

Published by sandramro

From Sweden - Malta - Sweden - Spain. Final destination for a long time is hopefully Spain. Följ vårt äventyr med flytt och vardagsliv i Marbella, Spanien.

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