Sundays – sleep until you’re hungry, eat until you’re sleepy

This morning the man of the house left for work at seven o’clock. I would almost call that in the middle of the night. Okay, that’s not fair but it should be a crime on a Sunday. Up until the last minutes of Filip getting ready I was holding my breath and thinking “please, please kids keep sleeping”… Then I heard Willes little soft voice. Oh, well, I thought. I was already awake and struggling to fall back in to sleep since hours back. But to my surprise Wille tip toed in to our bedroom and carefully found a place between me and Alba. I heard him snoring within minutes. Alba and Wilhelm are both so warm when they sleep and it is perfect sharing a big cover with them because I had been so cold during the night. Although, all the crazy kicking I could go without. I have a theory now, I think their little feet are searching for body contact confirming that I’m still there. And as I slowly move away from little feet they seem to come back with double force. That could be a reasonable explanation.

At around 9.30 Alba opened her big brown eyes and whispered “mamma, is it morning?”. The thought of answering no and keep on trying to sleep did cross my mind. The kids chose to switch on the movie “Rise or the Guardians”. We had a serious discussion whether it’s “too Christmasy” and what their dad would say about it. Because we, as a family, have decided to not feel, see or begin christmas a day before the first of December. And to be honest, even that could be a little early. I’ve already said this but It’s still driving me mad with all Christmas songs in every store or everywhere we go. I don’t mind lights along the streets are being prepared as long as they aren’t lit until, well first of December. I love Christmas, as a child it was my favorite time of the year. For a long time I believed it was a magical time and the only time that miracles would happen. And beginning Christmas too early is playing with fire, that just has to remove a little of the magic and we would all loose the chances of miracles. Willes argument for the movie won, if the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy are in it – it can not be a Christmas movie. Okay, we all agreed.

The kids snuggled up and began to argue over who held my hand, who was where ever first. I knew that was my cue and I made us breakfast in bed. I’m pretty sure that’s why we have Sunday’s in the world, they should be spent with the ones we love, sleeping in, eating a lot and all day long.

Today’s plans are a little unclear. I have the car, which Filip usually has. Its ridiculous how access to it makes me feel so free. It’s almost too much, so now I can’t make my mind up on what we should do. We’ll be going cruising a little anyhow.

As I mentioned we bought a new TV and the box from it is still in the hall. And I really don’t feel like trying to throw it out. So, I’m thinking if I should get the glue gun out and make them like a little shop out of it. But then I want to buy little things for the shop but on Sundays everything’s closed. Obviously because everyone is spending time with loved ones, sleeping in and eating all day. Sunday’s for the win!

So, miss stubborn Alba decided yesterday morning that she wanted to bake. Anything, but mostly muffins with everything on top. Everyone who knows me, they know I would never bake. I hate it. I truly do, and I would pay money just to never do it. But obviously I want to make my baby girl happy. And I tried getting my head around it, reading recipes, trying to mentally get there. Then I saw them – a bag full of plane muffins! I know Albas patience is as big as the eye of a needle. She wouldn’t want wait for dough to rise or when it’s in the oven. So we bought a bag full of them, sprinkles and nutella-look-a-like as frosting. And as a cherry on top we could “bake” on our balcony in the sun! If that isn’t the dream, I don’t know what is.

I made one, it was for Filip, ’cause that’s the kind of wife I am.

Afterwards we watched the new Lion King as we ate spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

Our Sunday list:

1. What’s on the top of the wish list today?

Alba: A real, real, real puppy…. Or a baby, little kitten. But it has to be really alive.

Wille: A radio-controlled car, which has to be super cool. It should be black and green or orange and black.

Me: Warm pyjamas with matching slippers. Or actually three sets in different colors!

2. If you could choose anything for dinner today, what would it be?

Wille: Mamas homemade burgers!

Alba: Sushi!

Me: Parma pizza, my new big craving.

3. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Wille: How do dragons breathe fire?

Alba: At what time at night does Peter Pan come?

Me: Who was Jack The Ripper? Or was Marilyn Monroe killed? Was Winston Churchills memorable prints in history made during any time of top of the top or at the lowest of low in bipolar deases? We are all wondering, so I’ll put it out there, does fairies or anything similar actually exist? And what’s up with the Bermuda Triangle? Is soulmate a real thing? Who could possibly choose only ONE question? The last questions is not my final question so don’t answer it. I’m just saying.

4. If you got to choose what ever you want to, what would we do today?

Wille: Visit a museum to see the bones of real dinosaurs.

Alba: Go to a zoo and meet cheetahs.

Me: Swing by New York to see what the fuss is about. Or revisit Venice! Or eat cheese and drink wine in a tiny village in Italy. Or, I’m loosing it trying to answer these questions. I’d propably take the kids to New York for a long lunch and shopping then a gondola ride in Venice where we would enjoy a delicious three course meal. For dessert they’d have to cross a little bridge (still at my made up restaurant) on to a little island all made out of cookies and ice cream. And everytime the kids would utter the word “yummy” strawberry sprinkles would come down as snow from the roof.

5. What is your best joke?

Wille: Why is number one the first number? Because number one is first, called one because its a “bajskorv”.

Alba: Why does a dog run on turd? Because he is silly!

Me: knock, knock. Who’s there? This post ends here.

Now I have two restless souls next to me. It’s time to get the day started.

By the way, Wilhelm and Alba is asking EVERYONE we know to also answer the questions.

Adios, for now.

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