Run like the wind

Wey, for Liverpool! We got our burgers and I’m a little hungry when writing this post so I’m struggling to be completely honest in my grading. I would say 3/5 buns. It was okay, nor more of less. But the beef as perfectly cooked.

Today I woke up and did not feel like the mom of the year. Far from it. I had forgotten to hang upp the new washed clothes yesterday. And because the kids only have one set of winter uniform (their sizes are finished at the school uniform shop) they didn’t have dry clothes for today. But I managed to dry the pieces with my hair dryer. We had to run like the wind to school and the kids made it just in time. Alba even had a second to turn around and give me a big kiss. Wow, I love being a mother even when I should be kicked for mistakes like these.

After the drop off it was time for fitness and our instructor is gorgeous, warm and also a little crazy. She is awesome. I seriously propably first time ever being so close of walking out of the class because it was so tough. I felt like a fricking viking when we were done.

After I continued my day of running to wait for the new tv which should have arrived last week. I could not help but notice it was only ONE man delivering it. I get it, the 65 inch tv isn’t that heavy. But hello? In and out of car and elevators? Just being able to softly place it on the floor? I’ll say, he did it with a ballerinas grace with… well how do I say this, a big belly full of love. In Sweden they propably have rules for how to lift the box, how long etc. You gotta love Spain.

Warning to sensitive readers: note to self and to all females out there who would like to keep a stable mental health. Do not continue an attempt of becoming nicotine free if you get your period within 7 days from starting. It may kill you and most propably faster than smoking will. Just give in. Puff away. Once a delusional person (me) insisted that people are not born with character, they build it. What a load of stupidity. I’ve smoked 3 cigarettes since Wednesday 6th of November. But I almost need to tie myself to the sofa to keep myself from lightning up two of those bad boys at the same time. Because I’m sure one of those poisoning sticks will not calm this. Okay, pushing through. Staying strong. One hour at the time. Wish me luck, I desperately need it.

Adios, for now.

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From Sweden - Malta - Sweden - Spain. Final destination for a long time is hopefully Spain. Följ vårt äventyr med flytt och vardagsliv i Marbella, Spanien.

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