Fingers crossed for bugers

Hey, before wondering if this could be the wrong site, please read a few sentences.

So, I changed the theme and appearance of the blog (how silly would it be if I wrote diary instead, the word blog just sounds so… something I just don’t want to call it). Changes were made a little because I was never really happy with the first version and I thought it would be nice to apply the new at the same time as I’m announcing that I will start writing in English instead. I’m hoping this is the right choice. When I think about it, the diary is mainly written for myself, family and friends. When counting on which languages are spoken and understood among them, the majority is English. Also, this language comes to my mind more often and my selection of words seem endless. I’ve somehow always felt that I might like myself a little better when I think and speak in English. How strange is that? As if a part of my personality would change. Perhaps not in that way, just the way of viewing life, maybe a little more positively. If you figure it all out before I do, feel free to point it out to me.

Moving on, my day was better than yesterday. We had little V visiting and all three kids played well together. If I were to complain on a little tiny thing, (I’m sure some already know), it would be the sound level. At one point I went into our bedroom and cried a few tears. Very fast and very ridiculous, I know I’m like a broken record repeating this. I’ll try to stop, okay. Also it might seem so much more dramatic than it was. That’s simply one of my tools for how to handle it all. The most important is that the mini humans had fun. At first they were so bubbly, almost bouncing between the walls trying to out shout each other. It was clear it was out of excitement and expectations, soon they smoothly settled into the roles of being friends outside of school. I’m so happy that Wille and Alba have made new friends and seeing them interact even though they might not always understand the language. That’s both brave and inspiring.

Right now it’s half time in the Liverpool-game. Okay, I admit I’ve been writing during the whole game. However I’m very interested in it. Someone here has promised burgers from the place around the corner if Liverpool wins. I’ve wanted to try them ever since we moved into this flat. My husband knows the best way to make me happy is to keep me fed. The more I like it, the longer I smile. This is actually partly true.

I’m reloading for next week, I think I’ve got a solid schedule:
Monday: Drop off, fitness workout with the other mamas and book keeping. Oh, so boring.
Tuesday: Finish all work with company in Sweden and starting to brain dump future photography plans into written words. Private Spanish lesson with a friend. We will do it every Tuesday, pushing each other as long as we need to. I’m very excited. (1 & 1/2h)
Morning Yoga, some kind of business/educational for an hour or two. The same amount of time for just doing nothing, or what ever I feel like. Adding this into it all is like a damage control for all those crazy emotions I have.
Thursday: Padel training with Filip (highlight of the week) and probably focusing on the weekly food menu + shopping for it and house chores.
Friday: Pilates and all of the things I’ve missed to add to this. Somehow there’s never enough time.

Of topic, can people please calm down with starting Christmas in November. What happened to the good old times when I used to be early one when starting the first of December? And no, it’s not because we live in the sun now, things are just clearly getting out of hands.

Well, Adios for now, let’s all hope we get some burgers tonight.

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From Sweden - Malta - Sweden - Spain. Final destination for a long time is hopefully Spain. Följ vårt äventyr med flytt och vardagsliv i Marbella, Spanien.

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