They should leave the money in the bank every time

As I’m writing this I’ve been sitting on the balcony. I have to tell you one thing going on in Spain, at 20.00 everyone goes out on their balcony to clap their hands for the health care, police and all the other heroes. At 21 they thank everyone back by driving by with the sirens on to thank everyone for staying inside. To me it doesn’t sound as amazing as the feeling actually is. It truly touches me and warms my heart. It’s absolutely beautiful. But, just as a heads up, this post might be posted hours after because awesome humans are interrupting me in between. But don’t hold your breath, it’s all coming here below. 

Today was an all in cleaning day, I took almost all rooms and the balcony. I even washed windows, as a short person I just wish there was some kind of universal free pass. In the meantime the kids were learning to read through an app and they did a little maths too. We decided to have a little “school” during the Easter break. Don’t feel too sorry for them. We began the morning with playing fortnite in bed. We are about to do so an hour tonight too. It’s so much fun and a little crazy, we’re in one team all four of us and we scream at each other as if our lives depended on it.

In the afternoon we opened the “weekly shop”, which contains different things, every time. It can be candy, juice, ice cream, crisps, a small toy and fruit. They get 10 pretend money a day, and a little extra when they help around the house. They need to count themselves, plan for the whole day (and the coming days). If they leave some money in the “bank” for next time, they get 10 extra. They love it! Today Alba spent almost all hers to buy for Wilhelm too so they would have equal amount of goodies. 

They are too sweet together sometimes. When they played games Wille screamed once “don’t you take my sister, arrgh” and another time “she’s the best girl in the universe!”. They do fight more than usual too. But with all the cuteness it’s easily forgotten. 

Update about the kids: (I think this is difficult to come up with what to report, while we are in it. Ask questions and I’ll answer.)


 Best friend: John from Germany. They call each other sometimes during these day’s and last time they said they missed each other. I’m hoping it’s a lifetime friendship. John and his brothers are wonderful kids. 

English: He speaks well and understands even more. It’s hilarious to hear his little phrases even when he is saying stuff like “I don’t care!”. It drives me mad but I can’t help myself from smiling. 

Swedish: He is using “bigger” words, without knowing exactly how to use them correctly. But he’s getting there. And he can say “Det är inte en spännande story” when he doesn’t want to tell. It means “it’s not an exciting story”. Cheeky, I know.

Activity: He still plays padel and enjoys it. I usually take him on Mondays. We take the bikes by the beach. I love that little time I get with my big boy. And during that time it’s Filips and Albas turn to cook dinner and they often choose a theme and it’s agreat surprise to look forward to while sporting.

Dream job: To build tv-games like fortnite to make a lot of money to make even more games. 

Wants most in the world right now (06.04.2020 time: 21.48) :
Play fortnite with John. 

Favourite School topic: English, Reading.

– ALBA – 

Best friend: Ellie (from kindergarten in Sweden) and Danish Victoria in school. 

English: From refusing to speak in front of anyone else but Wille to being angry in English. It’s adorable! Suddenly both kids change their language to English when they play or watch tv. Her vocabulary is surprisingly big coming from not knowing exactly if she learns so much without speaking at all. A greater surprise is that she says she has so many friends without speaking a word at school. She also manages to change things for her snack box. Like berries for cookies (cookies are not even allowed, good silent negotiator). 

Activity: Alba has been asking and wanted so badly to start gymnastics. She loves the idea but was frustrated with the classes because she wasn’t learning anything new. She also enjoys padel and will maybe join us Mondays. 

Dream job: Prison guard

Wants most in the world right now (06.04.2020 time: 21.50: Play fortnite with the family forever. 

School: Maths

So, please ask questions, they would even love to share!

Even though I’m not happy about being in quarantine, I’d do it all over again and again. It has been so incredibly upsetting to hear anyone going against it, by the law or as a recommendation. It’s the most stupid and selfish act I’ve been in contact with. All the nutcases stocking up on everything leaving others in need without is a tiny matter in comparison. I could not care less about arguments like “we are young”, “symptom free” or what ever ridiculous excuse. If a country has decided this – just stay the fuck in. Excuse my French, as I said I don’t speak much Spanish yet.

I’m not so worried about the four of us in this household. (Except for the fact that I don’t want my three people to be ill by anything.) But we decided to act as if we were carrying Corona. The very thought of being the one putting someone at risk and god forbid, someone died. Because of me, I’d crumble from the inside.

However, with that said. I’m not entirely sure quarantine was the right way to go. Or if Sweden has a winning strategy. I see the issues, I can imagine many different ways it can be really horrible, both of them. This is for sure, as all know, changing everything. I just think a little common sense can’t be to much to ask, right? Treat your fellow people as if they were your family members. As if they were your grandparents, siblings and children.

Wow, half past one at night. Oh, well, we won and lost in fortnite if anyone was wondering?

Take care, stay healthy and don’t be stupid.

Adios, for now.

Hundred-foot journey


Instead of starting every post, for whoever finds it, with how I really hope you and your family are well. I’ll say, I hope so for everyone, just as I’m sure we all do. Let’s agree on that we are wishing good health and love for everyone. Si? Gracias.

So, to less important stuff a drumroll, please * Hooray, we managed to order takeaway food for delivery from the Indian restaurant Masala.

It was with uncertainty that we selected dishes from the online menu. I was expecting it not to work, that’s how much I really wanted to just dig into beutiful food that would be delivered to our door. I had to lower my hopes, it was an act of survival. But to my joy it rang on our door bell just as I was going to pop around the pharmacy. I had a nice short walk, felt like a criminal creeping through a ghost town, picked up what I needed and as I was ready to eat when the news reached me.

The quarantine in Spain is extended to the 25th of April. Everyone just sit and calm down, for crying out loud! Oh… that’s only myself I’m telepathically screaming at.

Well, let’s say this much. The decision was something I had been expecting, yet it felt unbelievable. But maybe the combination of a walk, gorgeous food and a phone call from my very dear friend, kept me from bursting out in tears.

Maybe, just maybe I’m being ridiculous here for lowering my expectations or setting them high when it’s regarding things completely out of my control. Let’s say I could maybe have learnt something about this. Maybe.

But with certainty I know, that my family and I are, in a way, on a journey, life is happening. But we are somehow having the time of our lives. Because we’re in it together. I’ll regret writing this, for sure, but just the fact that I swear like a drunken pirate when one of the people I love the most kicks me out of bed, is love to my very core. It means I have them right here. Close to me. The oceans and sands, long walks, sunsets and mountains will wait for me. But I wouldn’t want to miss a second right here.

What about the title of the post? It’s the name of our Friday movie last night. It was a little disappointing but still a cosy and romantic story. They had us interested with a family moving from India to open a restaurant in France right in front of a one star Michelin restaurant. So, therefore the choice of dinner. The movie that made us 20/21 days in through the quarantine to seek for food delivery. Because Indian food is lovely, and sadly I really don’t know how to cook it myself.

Check out this next photo. I hate that I found these…

They are amazing! And I’m not a snack person. I actually don’t like sweet stuff. I want them salty, sour or bitter. This will never end well..

Tomorrow I’m posting a little “what’s up with the kids” so that family, god-family (don’t want to leave the godfather hanging too long..) and friends can keep up with the Rogers kids.

Stay safe, above all be kind. Don’t be stupid, be careful.

Adios, for now

Day 21


Long time no see! I don’t really have anything mind blowing to share. Or anything new or fun for that matter. Not a lot happens after 21 days in quarantine. However, since I stopped doing our “quarantine videos” (I lost all creativity after just a few days). But I’m still the documenting type. So, I’m just posting this random post because I just have to begin somewhere, right? When I look back and read this in a few years I’m going to laugh at my stupidity. I might laugh so bad I fall out of chair saying “I don’t recall losing my mind that much, ho ho, ha ha, he he”.

Well, at least I might give my future self a laugh.

Today we are going to try and order delivery from one of the few restaurants that still get to offer it. During these 21 days I’ve cooked all days and almost all meals. I mean I’m proud of my.. Let’s just call it – bullet proof food menu. But oh my, I’m so TIRED of my own cooking. And if we do manage to order. I hope we order enough so we can eat it for todays.

Saturday, or.. Well.. Any day, I guess. But that means no home schooling for the kids and they want to spend the day playing TV-games. I’m all in, food in sofa, games, movies and maybe a little writing.

I guess it isn’t too bad to stay in, today.

Take care who ever ends up reading thia nonsense.

I just have share Albas “dog house” where humans can’t get in. Humans can turn into dogs though.
We’ve been eating a lot tasty fruits and berries.

Well, Adios for now.

Ps. Also for those wondering after we’ve lived here 7-8 months. I do not know more Spanish than before. At all.

In Sweden we dance around a flower.. Pole? on midsummer.

Hola, It’s been a while and here’s a little update about the kids. Time passes by so fast! Tomorrow it’s their last day of their very first term at Laude. I don’t think any of us have understood this year has already come to it’s end. It still feels a little strange feeling that our children now go to school. What happened to our babies? And it was in May/June we decided to move to Spain, how can it already be December?

One big change in Wilhlem and Alba is that now they’ve started to find their own identities without each other. Their little personality are flourishing and it’s amazing to see them create new friendships. I consider us to be lucky for not having to struggle with sibling fights or rivalry. I mean of course they have disagreed, but still , above all they’re best friends. Most of all they have each others backs as if they’ve been in combat together in a previous life. A part of me thinks that if (god forbid) I’d get a phone call that one of my children have commit a crime or somehow got themselves into trouble, I’m pretty sure the other one will be sitting on the same chair, just as guilty. Completely ready to bring the world down just to defend the other. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way, let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that their loyalty only will be needed for good deeds.

Anyway, now they do fight a little more and don’t give in to each other as easily. Opinions are stronger and they are ready to stand their ground. Usually one ends up winning, because at the end of the day they still want to play and do everything together. There are days when I hear them trying to compromise, they’re getting there. We will be receiving the kids school report from this term tomorrow. So I’ll know more then about how things are going. But I’d like to mention that Willes teacher has said that he is doing very well in maths – which he also thinks is fun. I just love that. Especially at thins age, this is a level I understand..

Yesterday was a “big” day for both kids. Alba had a show and Wilhelm was going to present his country in front of the class, in front of children and their parents. Both at 14.30, so picture me running between two different class rooms every five minutes. Alba had a little dance, we made a Christmas cracker and then I went to Wille.

Look, this was a homework, which I had NOT received information about, until the day before. I said, well, we have not prepared for that. A teacher said, that’s okay, there are a few children who will not be doing it. So I thought, okay. (Sometimes we get a list of homework to choose from, so I also thought some kids chose this.) Before continuing I want to explain that the parents who did get the information said it wasn’t good enough, they didn’t know if a few questions just should be answered or make it bigger. Some families had done amazing presentations with printed photos, they brought foods and treats typical from their home country and, well, it was nice. I would have preferred to know so all children could make the same kind of effort.

Anyway, as it’s all about to end, about 15.40 Wille asks when it’s his turn. I said, he’s not on the list. He says he wants to – well first of all, I’m that lousy mother who didn’t make a frikkin’ power point OR make Swedish meatballs. So I knew, I need to fix this somehow. Can you imagine? Was my son disappointed? Was he sad at me for not standing there with an apron serving homemade gingerbread cookies? I looked around at all tired children and parents, knowing we might also only have their attention for about 20 seconds. Well, I asked Willes adorable teacher if Wille could do it too. She smiled and said she would be very pleased if he did! So, we were up next and the last ones. I couldn’t whisper too much to Wille, because a child was speaking. So I just told him that Stockholm is Swedens capital, that we will do our own thing and I will instead interview him, just follow my lead – oh, and we are going to dance and sing “små grodorna”. Willes teacher says it’s Wilhelms turn, that he is new in school and is still learning English.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, coolest boy in the world goes to sit down in front of everyone. I was terrified:

Me: Hello, what’s your name?
Wille: Wilhelm.

Me: Where are you from?
Wille: Sweden.

Me: Where were you born?
Wille: MALTA!

Me: Whaaaaaat? That’s not Sweden!
Wille: Haha, no!

Me: Okay, but you lived in Sweden, what’s the capital?
Wille: umm hmm. sssss…. STOCKHOLM!

Me: Okay, and what do we eat in Sweden with Lingon berries?
Wille: Hmm… mm, potatoes..?

Me: And…..?

Me: What do we look forward to in summer?
Wille: PIZZA!!!!! ** everyone laughs.

Me: Yes, pizza, but midsummer too! Should show how we dance and sing?
Me* I shortly explain that children and adults dance around singing about frogs with no eas or tails… we danced for about 5 seconds, but still.

Me: I have one last question, who do you love more your mum or dad?
Everyone including Wille laughs.
Wille: I can not answer anything. (Yes, he said those words, creating a whole sentence in English!!!)

Phu! We all left the class room and Wilhelm and I high fived, jumped up and down and he was super happy. And me? Well, I could have done all of those lovely things that the other parents did. But, hey, I made sure my boy did it, by “it” I mean to speak in front of people, to use a new language, just like that. He enjoyed it, he was not frightened. We had fun and he loved that he made people laugh. The most important to me is to know he will want to do it again. And I saw him grow a couple of inches. I will not win mum of the year, but wow, I get to be HIS mother year after year.

(When I left the kids to school his morning a mum told me they really liked our presentation. Ha! I did a mental high five and wanted to run in to Wille and tell him!)

When we came back in to Alba she completely broke down, I had missed a song. Her teacher said all was fine until she saw me. I explained that at that very moment I needed to be there for Wilhelm. That they both need to know that I was there, I was happy to be there, but I can’t be at two places at once. Albas teacher is so sweet and soon our little browned eyed girl smiled again.

Overall good, I’m exhausted. Everyone who knows me,

a lot of people – anxiety,

a loud sound level -anxiety

Other parents, what if I’m judged? – anxiety

Speaking in front of a large group, unprepared – anxiety deluxe.

My two kids happy – I’d carry the anxiety of the whole world to make them smile.

Adios, for now.

When life gives you lemons, throw them right back.

It’s been raining cats and dogs here the past few days. I could still sit on our balcony and do my stretching while listening to lovely sound that rain makes. None of us were really complaining. Alba and I even jumped a lot of puddles on the way home from school. Oh, the joy, I love it just as much as she does. If I wouldn’t look like a crazy person I would spend time dancing in the rain barefoot. Today the sun is out and a promise to reach 15 degrees. So lucky to get this weather during weekend so we can enjoy it together.


Friday night was spent with movie, pizza and red wine. I can’t get enough of parma pizza.

Babe, ready for weekend fun!

Our Saturday plan is to visit friends. Filips colleague and his family. Alba says the cutest thing “we are visiting daddys work person”, it’s so funny.

I’m going to try and photograph their family portraits with their newborn baby. Now they have three little adorable boys. Two of the kids are in the ages between 2-4. So, challenge accepted to gain their trust to let me take pictures and all of them tohehter. Capturing images with their own little personalities.

Time to get this day started.

Have a hot cup of coffee

I absolutely love when the coffee maker, right before it’s done, purrs like a pleased kitten lying on it’s back in complete trust. The familiar aromas filling the kitchen promising a new day has come. There’s a secrete message in the steam that’s slowly dancing from the hot cup. It’s easily forgotten in the daily morning rush and the very thought of the obligations waiting. However, in a still moment a remainder, as the sun has set and again arised, it’s a blank page. It is the very most perfect time to seize all of the possibilities that a new day holds.

I’ve never been able to trust that there’s a time and place for everything. Nonetheless I believe it to be true, I find it terrifying to give in and let go of things that are out my control. I seem to desperately, in vain, still reach for it. Many times I tend to stay hurt simply because I know it well. I’ve held hands with demons in the dark, it feels safe, they know me by now. Sleepless nights with wandering emotions and thoughts has awoken creativity. I feel it as a tingle in my finger tips and does my walking steps suddenly need to go faster, bigger? I have longed for it, worrying I’d scared it away, maybe even lost it forever. My dramatic way of thinking is on point.

I’m opening my heart with full power as if my chest could reach the sky. Allowing all senses to continue staying activated. Memories and moments making my inner shatter as well as gratitude heats and fills me, I indeed feel that too. Could it be that I should observe what’s happening, instead of struggling to alter? Perhaps instead of fearing that I will cut myself by touching the broken pieces, I should carefully choose the ones to I want to keep. To rebuild, this time with a learnt lesson, a little wiser. I can’t change what’s happened nor should I allow it to paint me all over with a brush dipped in colours that aren’t mine.

I sip on my coffee determined to let myself follow this through, it’s clearly waiting for me to do something about it. I’m ready to embrace it. 

Good morning, let the day begin.

“A black belt is a white belt that never quit”

So Monday has come to it’s end and (read my question as Chandler from Friends would say it, the ones who know will know) could I be a worse mother?

Wille was feeling better, he said so himself and he was teasing his sister like any other day. I asked him several times if he was up for lunch out and a little walk to the shop. I wanted first of all to get both of yesterdays dinner wishes met. It also seemed so easy with sushi for a quick lunch and for us all to get some fresh air. The plan was to shop so I could make homemade burgers. At first we had a lovely time taking turns on answering questions “always or never”. But slowly I saw Wille loosing energy. We tried eating fast and then went back home. He walked straight into our bedroom and before I knew it he was fast a sleep. I should have known.

We’ve had a nice and calm afternoon. Alba has now started complaining but I’m not sure if it’s just so that I’ll let her stay home tomorrow too. We’ll see. At the moment she is practicing karate and bouncing from the sofa screaming “hayaaaaaa”.

Tonights dinner:

The kids have asked me several times if we “please, please, please could watch a Christmas movie today?”. Should we start placing bets on whether we can make it another two weeks without starting it all too early. It’s even harder now that our matching Christmas pj’s came today. (Yeah, I’m torturing my family.)

What happened? When did the baby get so big?

We just finished watching “karate kid”. They loved it and I enjoyed watching something else but pokemon.

Time to get ready for bed.

Adios, for now.

“Sisters and brothers are the truest, purest forms of love, family and friendship, knowing when to hold you and when to challenge you, but always being a part of you.”

At this very moment I should be wishing for death at the Monday fitness class but instead I’m tucked in bed with the kids. Wille got a fever yesterday afternoon and has all night slept very close to me with a sore throat and headache. Poor little thing, the way he tells me that it hurts, he seems to believe that I can remove the pain. I really wish I could. Alba should have gone to school, of course, but she screamed from the top of her lungs that she would not go. I tried talking to her but she explained she will go nowhere without her brother. Ever. She also thought we would have lots of fun without her. She seems a little off today, so I’m actually a little worried she’s next in line for illness. Let’s hope not and fingers crossed for fast recovery. I will admit it’s cosy to stay in bed cuddling. Now we are watching Tintin and petting a tiger.

So, about yesterday, we did end up building our little shop. The kids enjoyed it so much I had time to cook, clean and take care of the laundry when they were playing. Obviously I had to come in shopping once in a while.

Albas money

All we need to do is to decorate it a little We started off doing it with the only thing we found, a Spanish newspaper. We like it!

We bought the biggest mango we have ever seen and it was absolutely delicious.

Fruit and movie before bedtime.

Today we will take it easy. I’ll see if there at all is a possibility to go for a quick food shopping. I thought I would get a lot of things done today. Never mind, there’s time another day.

Adios, for now.